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1. Greenland or Equator? Equator! I love fun, ocean, and when there are a lot of people around.
2. I avoid unpleasant conversations, disputes and screams.
3. My dream is to be a creator, create beauty, which will delight people. My dream is to be fulfilled in this life. I dream that I never loose harmony... And it gives me creativity.
4. When I'm happy, the whole world is transformed into a rainbow. When I'm happy, I'm ready to work 24 hours a day! 
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberry! because I like sweet and sour taste. The cake is too sweet. I do not like the a cloying nothing.
6. My favorite movie is "Office Romance" by Eldar Ryazanov 
7. I can not live without my loved ones, that is very little. I can not live without art. I sometimes think that even if I did not have hands, I would have to hold the brush in the lips.
8. Black, mint or pink? The black. This color never lies.

My name is Anastasi. I live in Russia. Scrapbooking takes about 3 years. I love everything related to the beautiful paper, paint and photography. Not a day goes by without creativity. This is my life, my air, my work at last. I am a happy man, because I'm doing what I love! Madly glad to be in such an amazing team of masters. I am happy that in my life this year will be even more creative days!

1. Greenland or Equator? The equator because there always Warm and I hate the cold. 
2. AVOID ....... I chicanery and mistaken I do not like !!! 
3. Living Dreams are ...... Live from my art and make it at any time.
4. When I am happy, ....... When I listen to music and I'm with people I love. 
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberry certainly I like less sweet. 
6. My favorite movie is ...... A pretty woman because I like romance films.
7. I can not live without ...... My two dogs and my art products
8. Black, mint or pink? I think I'm black but I love pink and mint.

My name is Cindy Brown alias Talkis on some Quebec forums. 
Those who know me say I am a dynamic girl who left to mark the way. Hyperactive by nature I channel my energy into lots of scrapbooking projects.
I have a boyfriend that I love and two dogs that I love children waiting Who Will one day. I am very close to my family. I also yours my artist from my grandma talent. She follows me even on Facebook.
Scrapbooking entered my life in 2006 because I wanted to make an album of my dogs. I found my shoe off and since then I am a compulsive buyer! 
I love discovering and trying new products especially. I want them all !!!!!
I love watching everything around me and inspires me to create. Making the rounds of blogs and Pinterest is also a joy for inspiration. I started this passion by making pages and then I‘m exploring the mixed media to return to pages by adding a touch of mixed media. I can not say I have a particular style,what I can say is that I like to explore all avenues.

1. Greenland or Equator? Greenland!
2. I avoid confrontation.
3. Dreams are inspiration to keep going and goals to keep, something to strive for. 
4. When I am happy I like to create art and make music. 
5. Strawberries or cake? Chocolate cake. 
6. My favorite movie is Mary and Max. 
7. I can't live without coffee, family, dear friends, music and art! In no particular order. 
8. Black, mint or pink? I have to say black and mint. Black for my wardrobe and mint for my art. 

My name is Cristin Stevenson, however I am also known as "PanArt". I am a mixed media artist, art journaler, jewelry creator, guitarist and coffee enthusiast. I currently live in Saint Joseph, Missouri with my husband, Frank. 

    I was initially shown a love for creating from my great grandmother... whenever I would go to visit, she always had a new project planned for us. Her small home had every art supply that one could ever need and together we always kept busy.  Many years later, I acquired and completed a tattoo apprenticeship which gave me a glimpse into another world of creation - permanent canvas. Most recently, I left the corporate world in January of 2015 to pursue art full time. Since then, I have had many artist features locally and a opportunity to expand. Whether it be a commissioned painting, a mixed media piece, a page in my art journal... I am constantly creating. Art is the way that I express myself, capture moments and release. My aim is to never be content - to never stop learning, and never stop creating. I love being able to inspire others through art.

1. Greenland or Equator?...... May i suggest Greece??? Combines both beauties plus i could never live somewhere else beside here....
2. I avoid people with bad energy and gossips...Hate it! !Better be unlikeable telling the truth than being an actress.
3. Dreams are the steps to reach our goals . Believe in your dreams and they'll become true!!
4. When I am happy, i live it, i laugh and say Thank you( God or friend etc).
5. Strawberries or cake? Certainly cake,as i'm a coffee addict person, how can i combine strawberries with coffee????
6. My favourite movie is  Three colors,Blue movie by Krzysztof Kieślowski
7. I can't live without love...When you spread love, it comes back twice strong.
8. Black, mint or pink? Mint because it matches with my eyes...he he he

My name is Eirini Tsaima and i live in the sunny island of Crete in Greece.Mom of two kids, gym trainer  in public school in the morning, loving discipline and order in things but ...messy scrapper and mixed media lover in the evenings and nights.I found scrapbooking by accident looking for a wish book for my daughter's christening and i found a hobby. Much later i came across  with mixed media art and techniques  and that was it... A love at first sight.. I consider myself a beginner in this messy ,colourful and creative hobby word, dreaming to become an inspiring artist.Feel like a student in this wonderfull mix media place , learning continuously and experiment new techniques and materials.

 Thank you MIxed Media Place, for the support and trust in my face and hope you enjoy my  creations...A dream of mine came true and a terrific jorney begins !!!Come aboard my friends....

1. Greenland or Equator? Greenland, it looks so beautiful!
2. I avoid……. Supermarkets… need I say more?!
3. Dreams are to live, work and breathe in the art industry...
4. When I am happy, I’m sat side by side with my son, filling in our art journals.
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberries!! Yum :)
6. My favourite movie is …… Is still very undecided, but love fantasy, sci-fi genres...
7. I can't live without my home and EVERYTHING in it! 
8. Black, mint or pink? Black, because it’s slimming ;) but artistically, I love all colours!

My name is Georgie and I’m based in the beautiful county of Dorset on the south of the UK. 

Artistically, I am a lover of altered art, shabby chic, grunge, modern art journalling, paper crafting… okay most things, anything arty/crafty/painty (is that a word..?), I love it all!!! My biggest love is mixed media within any of these forms.

Colour entices me more than anything. From light and airy, to dark and gothic, bright and soulful (and everything in between). I believe the way hues ebb and flow together is what really makes a project, and gives it that ‘wow factor’. I adore how colours enhanced by mediums used beneath, around, or over them. The possibilities are beautifully endless…

1. Greenland or Equator?  Equator
2. I avoid unpleasant situation
3. Dreams are beautiful !
4. When I am happy, I show it to the whole world
5. Strawberries or cake?  Strawberries
6. My favourite movie is - I do not think I have such
7. I can't live without my family and coffee !
8. Black, mint or pink? Mint 

My name is Marta. I am a mother, wife and a person who loves spending her time on crafting, creating and altering. I love photography, cooking, travels and experiments. 
Scrapbooking took my sould nad heart completely - from longer time digital, and now also this traditional, than you can touch, which enables me to release all my ideas. Move them to the paper, card stock, whatever I have in my hands. This is a wonderful hobby, you can ue lots of techniques here. 

1. Greenland or Equator? Oh not Greenland!! No no noooo!!!!! I like the sun, the heat, I hate winter, the cold, snow.... Don't forget, I live in the South of France!!!!
2. I avoid the imbecile!!!! LOL!!! My slogan: move forward in life, by leaving the imbecile behind me!! The life is too short to worry me about them!!!
3. Dreams are...... They are made to be to realize then, if it is possible, let us make!!
4. When I am happy, I create my art by dancing, with good and strong music!!
5. Strawberries or cake? Neither of them, I prefer chips, ham and sausage!!! But for dessert I would take strawberries!!!!
6. Without hesitating, my favorite movie is: "The Sixth Sense" .... with the beautiful Bruce Willis!!
7. I can't live without my family... And I cannot live without my "studio" of scrap, my hands are always occupied!!!!!
8. Black, mint or pink? For my clothes: black!! For my dog: black (it's better that mint or pink I think!!!)! For my scrap I use all the colors, but there's always a little black somewhere!!

I am Nirvana, I am 36 years old, I am married to a wonderful man (yes yes it’s necessary to say it when it's true!!!). I have a 17-year-old son, and we live in the South of France!!

Since I was a child, I am attracted by the manual activities, a passion transmitted by my dad who is a painter!!! In nursery school already, everybody said that I shall make the School of Fine Arts, but I always wanted that that remains a passion and it is now done since November, 2007, when I began the preparations for our marriage!! 

I like trying new products, new techniques and sharing all this with you!!! So far, I don’t make page! At the moment I work especially with canvas, altered books, boxes, or quite different object which falls into the hands to me!!

I adore getting back the " fund of drawers " to everybody (lol), or to give a second life to old forgotten objects, "old-fashioned things" how everybody calls them and which would leave to the trash can if I was not there!! One of my friends always says that I am " an endless well " so much I have ideas. Yes, I haven’t enough days in one year for work anything that comes into my head!!! .. Or then, I would need 36-hour days!! Who wants it?!!!

3. Dreams are to be chased
4. When I am happy, even rains doesn't bother me.
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberry cake!- perfect combination :)
6. My favourite movie is Moulin Rouge
7. I can't live without my messy art room:) 
8. Black, mint or pink? Mint with a dash of fluorescent red:)

My name is Sylwia Gryczuk and I am originally from Poland but live and create in Claregalway,Ireland. I started exploring different art techniques in 2009 and currently I am working with different mixed media such as acrylic,inks,watercolor,  vintage papers, chipboards, stamps, stencils, fabric, wire and 3D elements. I am very passionate about painting, crafting, art journalling,collages, mixed media and  altered items. I love playing with art supplies and discovering 'Happy Mistakes'. I think that every each of us has a little child within and mine is definitely taking over when I get messy with paints:) My biggest inspiration is my 20 months old daughter Nandi and fairy tales from my childhood:)

1. Greenland or Equator? Equator.
2. I avoid bad thoughts.
3. Dreams are little beautiful world where all are smiling
4. When I am happy, I laugh, smile, dance and hug my children
5. Strawberries or cake? Only strawberries 
6. My favourite movie is "Gone with the Wind"
7. I can't live without a cup of strong coffee and kisses
8. Black, mint or pink? Of course, black.

My name is Tanya. I live in Ukraine.
I am scrapbooker. I love to use different mixed media techniques  in my LO. 
All my projects always full of  emotions and dynamics!
I am a mother of 2 children and they are all my life! Also I am a teacher. I have my own studio where I spend classes with children. 
I like to create unique things for my home:)

1. Greenland or Equator? Definitely Greenland :) Equator is too hot.
2. I avoid negative people.
3. Dreams are an essential part of my life.
4. When I am happy, I laugh, jump and I can move mountains :)
5. Strawberries or cake? Strawberries, possibly with cream :)
6. My favourite movie is Constantine.
7. I can't live without friends, my cat and sun.
8. Black, mint or pink? Mink and pink with a dash of gold.

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